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Precious Metal Services is a product created for those traders who prefer to trade in both Gold and Silver. In this package, all the calls will be based on a live market with having accuracy above 90% and Special Bullion Trade world Support.
Our 40 expert commodity team keeps over-viewing your previous losses and help you to recover your losses. So high risk is involved in these metals, By using this service people can daily get two calls by the research team of our organization.

Bullion Trade world Team offers daily 2 tips in Bullion(Gold+Silver) in maximum 2 lots so that trader gets intraday profit of Rs 18000 – 28000 on per lot.Its a wish of trader if he/she wants to put an order in 1 or 2 lots, we provide tips in 2 lots with 90% accuracy on an intraday basis.
As per trade necessity AT Bullion Trade world, we offer our services as regular basis,once a quarter & semiyearly services with 90% accurate tips.


  • Precious Metal services,a trader can minimum have Rs 60000 lac investment.
  • Precious Metal services helps traders to buy/sell tips as per the movement in Bullions.
  • This services will give you daily 2 tips,each tip in 1-2 lots.
  • This ultra sure shot Metals tips calls based on Fundamental analyst.
  • Each Tip will be established on the Current Market Updation & Situation.
  • Our Team Of More Than 300 Managers provides will be in touch with trader 24/7 which includes Telephonic,Online G-talk,Whatsapp.
  • Bullion Trade World Qualified Team do lots of research and market analysis to give you above 90% Accuracy Intraday Basis Services 


  • TRADE IN 1-2 LOTS BUY GOLD AT 29250 – 29255 TARGETS 29360 STOPLOSS 29160
  • TRADE IN 1-2 LOTS BUY SILVER AT 44550 – 44520 TARGETS 44860 STOPLOSS 44200

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